Bee Sustainable  – How Independent Hotels Create Eco Buzz By Beekeeping

Bees in decline are one the world’s biggest ecological problem. Hotels are realizing that their roofs haven’t had much use before, and can now be used for such a great cause- beekeeping.

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Sustainable, Eco, Responsible, Green: What does it all mean?

Confused about the difference between ecotourism, responsible and sustainable tourism? Not sure what makes a hotel ‘green’?

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Top TED Talks For The Responsible Traveler

TED talks have become such a source of learning and motivation in our daily lives that it’s hard to ignore them when it comes to inspiring travel as a force for good. We have gathered best TED talks on responsible travel and sustainable tourism that discuss some good news in tourism, some bad news in tourism, and how you can make a difference.

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The Great Train Journeys: Travel Green from LA to Seattle on the Coast Starlight

Just trains – no planes, no automobiles. Travel green on one of US epic rail journeys: LA to Seattle on the Coast Starlight. Break free of congested airports and freeways. See the West Coast one of the most spectacular of all train routes in North America.

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Ecolodges in Costa Rica – Green or Greenwashed?

Costa Rican ecolodges are arguably an integral part of the country’s sustainable tourism efforts. Worryingly, some hoteliers respond to the growing green travel trend by using the ‘eco’ label unscrupulously and rack up the price tag without necessarily concerning themselves with the environment.

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