“Utopia is on the horizon. I advance two steps, it retreats two steps and the horizon retreats ten more steps. What, then, is the use of Utopia? That is it – it serves to advance”

-Eduardo Galeano

Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa , is a land of contrasts, amazing countryside, full of rivers, lakes and mountains. The Tigray region – one of its poorest and least developed parts.

Etiopia Utopia was created with the aim of searching for solutions for the serious problems the communities of Tigray are confronted with. Our work follows in the steps of Angel Olaran, a missionary of the Padres Blancos in Africa, who started an incredible local development and cooperation process in the town of Wukro (Tigray) in 1994.

Utopia is a representation of an ideal world- an alternative to the world which really exists. Ours is a social utopia. We have the need to fight for a better world, a fairer world, with more solidarity.

how they help make a change

  • Microcredit program and training in essential entrepreneurial abilities
  • Drop by Drop project to improve irrigation and increase agricultural production of over 50 farmers
  • Support with healthcare equipment and health professionals training at the local hospital
  • Smiles – dental healthcare centers
  • Teacher training, and other projects!