Our goal is to act like a lighthouse – a beacon in harsh conditions, standing firmly in support of those who need it most.

Lighthouse Relief was born on the Greek island of Lesvos in September 2015, at a time when thousands of refugees were arriving on the north shore every day. Our founders met as independent volunteers, coming together to provide structured emergency response for those fleeing conflict and persecution, and urgently in need of refuge.

With the closure of European borders in 2016, people were suddenly stranded in camps on the mainland. Lighthouse Relief adapted quickly to expand its operations from emergency response to longer-term support, with a focus on on vulnerable groups.

Today, the situation for refugees in Greece remains critical. Our team of skilled international volunteers continue to provide immediate humanitarian relief in Lesvos, as well as psychosocial programmes for young people and children in Ritsona refugee camp.

Alongside our field operations, we see storytelling as a powerful tool for advocacy. It amplifies the voices of our beneficiaries and addresses the issues that impact them, drawing attention to the forgotten reality of Europe’s borderlands.

how they help make a change

  • Emergency response and humanitarian relief for the refugees landing on the Greek island of Lesvos
  • Nightwatch and Daywatch teams scanning the sea in search of incoming refugee boats, proven to save lives, operating 21-hours a day, 365 days a year under all weather conditions
  • Shelter and support in Ritsona refugee camp, mainland Greece
  • Female Friendly Space (FFS) – female-only area where girls and women recover a feeling of safety and empowerment in the midst of an emergency
  • Youth Engagement Space (YES) in Ritsona camp, equipping young refugees for work or study when they are eventually resettled