Bring Your Own Bag – A Mindful Traveler’s Guide to Portland

For better or worse, Portland is too often overlooked by tourists. But this unique Oregon city is one of America’s most lovable destinations.

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Zootopia – 7 facts about the zoos – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Let’s try to understand how zoos actually function, and make an informed decision about which – if any – zoo to support. Here are some facts to consider before your next visit.

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Bee Sustainable  – How Independent Hotels Create Eco Buzz By Beekeeping

Bees in decline are one the world’s biggest ecological problem. Hotels are realizing that their roofs haven’t had much use before, and can now be used for such a great cause- beekeeping.

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Ecolodges in Costa Rica – Green or Greenwashed?

Costa Rican ecolodges are arguably an integral part of the country’s sustainable tourism efforts. Worryingly, some hoteliers respond to the growing green travel trend by using the ‘eco’ label unscrupulously and rack up the price tag without necessarily concerning themselves with the environment.

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A Tale of a Whale – Is Whale Watching Doing More Harm Than Good?

Whale watching is growing in popularity. It’s claimed to be a way of raising awareness of the giant mammals, but are we causing more harm than good?

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