Water to Wine – Eco Tourism in Oregon

Nature and outdoors lovers are spoilt for choice in the US Pacific Northwest. Once you’ve had your fill of Portland’s craft brews and food cart delights, get out of town and let Oregon’s eco thrills help you burn it all off.

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Beyond Chichen Itza – A Responsible Traveler’s Guide to Yucatán

Go beyond Cancún’s all-inclusive resorts, Tulum’s ‘eco-chic’ and Mérida’s haciendas. Experience the vibrant life   of the Maya, who still live in Yucatán, speak the language of their ancestors and maintain the old ways.

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Sustainable, Eco, Responsible, Green: What does it all mean?

Confused about the difference between ecotourism, responsible and sustainable tourism? Not sure what makes a hotel ‘green’?

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Ecolodges in Costa Rica – Green or Greenwashed?

Costa Rican ecolodges are arguably an integral part of the country’s sustainable tourism efforts. Worryingly, some hoteliers respond to the growing green travel trend by using the ‘eco’ label unscrupulously and rack up the price tag without necessarily concerning themselves with the environment.

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Turtles vs Tourists – How Mass Tourism Affects Ostional Wildlife Reserve

Sea turtle nesting in Ostional, Costa Rica, has become the next big eco-tourism attraction. The turtles used to struggle against vultures and dogs. Are tourists their next threat?

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