Mindful Mérida – A Greener Guide to the ‘White City.’

Mérida was named the American Capital of Culture for a second time in 2017. Here’s what makes it so special and how to enjoy the city in a thoughtful way.

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How to Observe and Practice Cultural Sensitivity

The most meaningful travel happens when you go down deep, listen to the stories, and immerse in the ways of life of the people. However, you should remember that you are just a visitor. Leave as little trace as possible.

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Fabulous Fake – A Brief History of Cancún

When construction began in 1970, the official population of Cancún was… 3. Fast forward 50 years, the area is home to resorts with over 50,000 hotel rooms, and the population is nearing a million.

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Beyond Chichen Itza – A Responsible Traveler’s Guide to Yucatán

Go beyond Cancún’s all-inclusive resorts, Tulum’s ‘eco-chic’ and Mérida’s haciendas. Experience the vibrant life   of the Maya, who still live in Yucatán, speak the language of their ancestors and maintain the old ways.

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Zootopia – 7 facts about the zoos – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Let’s try to understand how zoos actually function, and make an informed decision about which – if any – zoo to support. Here are some facts to consider before your next visit.

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